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Kate Milan is an accomplished, well-received facilitator and presenter with proven communication, leadership and training capabilities. She has facilitated and trained on national, regional and local levels conducting product, sales / process and communications training. Kate is extremely focused and her enthusiasm for learning and development is a key factor to creating an environment where people become motivated to implement change and achieve positive outcomes. She has represented many Fortune 500 companies and manufacturers nationally for special events, in house / in dealership training, trade shows and video presentations.  Her resume covers a wide variety of industries, reflecting her diverse experience: Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Housewares. 

Statement of purpose 

Her aim to to facilitate learning and inspire others to greater levels of confidence and effectiveness, by improving communication, performance targets and sales delivery. Empowering individuals to become better learners and communicators. She is also comfortable with technology and easily understands and effectively communicates technical terminology. 

Kate Milan Auto Resume
Kate Milan General Resume
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